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Tips for visiting a Christmas tree farm.

Oh Christmas tree; With its lights, and unique assortment of ornaments collected over the years.   Big or small, real or fake, decorated in all the kids’ handmade crafts or sleek and uniform with matching bulbs, Christmas trees are a joyful and fun part of the holidays.

Read on for my  top 6 tips for brining a real Christmas tree home.

The scent of a real Christmas tree in the house,  and the chaotic memories  made on the family outing to select said tree is part of the appeal of buying a real Christmas trees. For some, especially people who grew up in households with an artificial tree, buying and setting up a real tree may seem like daunting task. With a little planning, however, having a real tree can add a fun and enjoyable family experience to the holidays. Even when it falls over in the middle of the night, which happened to us last year.

6 tips for bringing a real Christmas tree home:

  1. Don’t Do too early- the average time a well watered cut tree holds is needs is 3-4 weeks.

  2. Measure your space- Both in in your house where the tree will go ( height & width) AND  the space in your vehicle.

  3. Bring heavy-duty gloves and something to kneel on.

  4. Cut your chosen tree low to the ground and as quickly as possible.

  5. The tree may have become home to birds, bugs, and spiders.  Shake it with the mechanical shaker before you leave the farm.

  6. Any time you have to carry the tree, lead with the bottom to minimize the tree branches getting snagged.

Did you know that, if the tree has been cut for longer than 12 hours and runs out of water it will stop absorbing water?  This is because the bottom of the trunk seals itself with sap after a few hours to keep the water in.  This also ends up keeping the water out. If your tree does happen to run out of water cutting a thin sliver from the bottom of the trunk will help it to absorb water again.

Does your family have a Christmas tree tradition? Share in the comments below!

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